“Eden’s Memory” digital watercolor © 2019 Daniel Byrne

Sky Blue Pink ascends her throne
at the dying of the sun
to grasp a fleeting moment’s reign
before the fight is done.
Though victory eludes her grasp,
her battle will remain
the ever-present finest hour
of eternity’s refrain;
a glimpse of Eden’s memory
to longer stay the night,
while all creation bends its knee,
speechless at her sight.

“The day is dead, long live the day”
she whispers as she fails;
and lying down, she gives her crown
to the darkness that prevails.
But the memory of her light will linger
for those who stumble on,
groping through the blackness
to gaze upon The Dawn
who breathes his life on ashes cold
and heavy with the dew
then rises, singing songs of love,
to call her back anew.

For Joan, Pat, and Linda

© 2020 Daniel Byrne

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