“Eden’s Memory” digital watercolor © 2019 Daniel Byrne

“Almost Nothing” © 2018 Daniel Byrne

I wish you didn’t feel
the way you say you don’t.
I wish I didn’t know
the part of me in you that says
I’m fine,
it’s nothing.
Nothing you say,
nothing I say,
keeping us apart.

But it’s something to see you,
a wonderful kind of
I wish you could see you
the way I do.
I wish I could see me
that way too.
I wish we could move
past the nothing
and share

© 2018 Daniel Byrne

“Debts” digital watercolor 2019 dpb

If your gift is you
and my gift is me
I owe too much
to be set free.
Though freedom comes
from payment due
I would sooner die
than be removed
from my debtors’ cell
where my heart resides
and your lavishness
my needs provide.

© 2010 Daniel Byrne

“Shadows” digital watercolor dpb 2019

This paupered parroting
of slavish sound
repeatedly breaking
over rocks of reason
that cannot hold it back.

They drearily disappear -
foam covered dreams
for air duly denied
by feverishly felt
truth for fools and their slaves

Overwhelmed, underwater
bedrock belief -
in seas of paper waves,
constantly carved and crushed
by ceaseless sound and light

Shadows in the shallows.
Careful eyes see
outlined reality
beneath pencil shaded,
colored cacophony.

Where those who leave the shore
stumble and bleed
flesh exposed to the real,
cutting wisdom from pain,
congealing something new.

© 2019 Daniel Byrne

“Exhale” dpb 2018

No light left to breathe
she said to no one.
No words to be seen
my meaning is undone.

The unthinkable lives
by stealing air
that floated dreams,
filled my lungs,
helped me sing.

Nothing is inhaled
through swallowed gasps;
the breaths we hold
escape at last.

© 2019 Daniel Byrne

“Seeing Through You” 2018 dpb
“Seeing Through You” 2018 dpb

I hate me
you hate you.
A perfect pair we’ll be
if we can just get through
the walls that hold the photos
hanging there to hide the holes
that we make to set us free.

How am I?
How are you?
We have answers for that.
And if I shine a light
in those many hidden holes
would the darkness run away?
Would I see you looking back?

But still I know
you’re always there
breathing in never out.
If I hold you will you catch me?
Will the effort make us gasp?
Maybe holes are all that’s left
If we ever can break free.

Copyright 2018 Daniel Byrne

“Words of Promise” digital watercolor 2019 d. byrne

Today lurched past me again.
I had to pretend I was dead
or it might feast on me
just like it always does
slowly eating me inside out.

But hope offered her morning
come-hither, sleepy-eyed smiling
to tempt me; to hide me
from the stumbling, mindless,
relentless monstrosity.

She whispered words of promise
If only, if only you could -
you could find me again.
You knew who I was once
nights when you held me close to you.

But Hope’s eyes will tire and close
and today will strengthen until
It will find us hiding,
and burst upon our tryst,
exposing her imperfections.

It will see her as I should
a fancy never fastened
a daydream with no pulse
a wish without a heart
some thing today will soon devour.

Copyright 2018 Daniel Byrne

Daniel Byrne

collector of mumbles, squanderer of resistance

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